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I have known Chris since he and his wife Bonnie moved here several years ago. Right from the start it was apparent that they were down to earth and good people. They have made a huge difference in our community especially with the children when they established their foundation, Dreams, Hope and Faith. Chris has always offered their resources to those who could use help and never asked what was in it for them. I know that Chris would be a great addition to our county government because he cares for our county and citizens. Curry County needs someone like Chris and I believe he will work hard and make positive changes to turn the downward spiral around.

John Ward, Curry County Sheriff (Current)

I have known Christopher Paasch for several years through his Foundation for Children and Families in Curry County and his involvement in local and county government. His desire and passion to see a new and bright future for Curry County is inspiring and his known work ethic is something I would surely welcome in the Commissioner’s Office.

 Court Boice, Curry County Commissioner (Current)

Since I left Curry County, I have watched in dismay as the commissioners have made a mockery of their office. They are actually laughing at you outside of Curry County. While Boice has tried to keep everyone in Curry apprised of how things really work, the other two are a joke. Lets get someone in there to get Curry back in the game. Chris Paasch gets my vote. I have known Chris for a long time and he was a great supporter to the Sheriff's Office when I was Sheriff. He did things that no one knew about and he wanted it that way. Chris has a good business sense and will listen to the citizens. Please vote for him when it comes time and stop being the laughing stock of the state.

John Bishop, Curry County Sheriff (Retired)

I've had the honor of serving with Chris on our local fire district Board of Directors. He has always stepped up for any position/duty asked of him. He contributes to the fullest extent, often going above and beyond to research options and vote for solutions that make the best sense for our tax payers. I greatly appreciate somebody that takes the time to do their research and look deep into subject matter in order to make the hard choices needed. On a personal note, I've always found Chris to be easy to talk to and very willing to listen. These are great attributes for a politician and ones I will seek out when I place my vote.

Karen Kennedy

I have known Chris for 12 years. All of interactions have been positive and focused. His and Bonnie’s dedication to Curry County and to the youth of Gold Beach is extraordinary. Chris has no reason to help anybody else except for the fact that it is who he is. WE NEED PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTY SEATS THAT ARE THERE TO HELP ALL OF OUR CITIZENS. Chris has proven this.

Daryn Farmer

I have worked with Chris as a fellow candidate for elected positions. I have found him to be a community engaged individual who is genuinely looking for solutions to important issues and problems in Curry County.

Ron Hedenskog

Serving in government is a serious and important commitment. The decisions made by leadership can affect the lives of many people for years to come. Chris Paasch is the only person I would trust to make those decisions. I have known Chris through many chapters of his life and could not imagine a better candidate for Commissioner. Although as a family member you may count my opinion as biased, I am a harsh judge of character and no family member can escape that! Chris is driven. No challenge is too unfamiliar or intimidating. He is an excellent problem solver and approaches every task with good instincts and an open mind.  He is an incredibly honest, patient, and loyal person. His interests are with the people. He is passionate about improving the quality of life for the residents of Curry County and securing long-term stability both economically and environmentally for the area. He is brave and will be tough on government overspending, and if you’ve ever met him, you know he is a force to be reckoned with. Chris Paasch’s candidacy brings with it a spark of hope for Curry County and I am excited to see the future he has in store.

Amber Paasch

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