What I Stand For:

…I believe in protecting ourselves by supporting our Sheriff’s Department and working tirelessly to find ways to protect the funding of it. Where is this Country without laws and people willing to put themselves in danger to protect us? I believe police and firefighters are some of the bravest people in the world. When we are running from someone shooting at us or we are leaving a burning building, they are running into it. Think about that.

...I believe Curry County needs affordable housing. With the current housing shortage here in Curry, how can we expect economic development and a growing economy. Recently, I met with someone looking to bring a good business into the county that over 2 or 3 years planned to employ 40 to 50 people. When I asked what was his biggest sticking point he responded there was very limited housing here and that was "a huge problem" for him. 

...I believe we need to protect and preserve our rivers and coastline. Fishing and tourism have suffered here with cuts and now we have a mess in the Chetco River and the Port. Silt along with loss of cover will warm the river and cripple the spawning of salmon. We need to work harder to reinvigorate what Curry offers. Let’s bring fishing and tourism back to Curry County.

…I believe Curry County needs private sector jobs and local business investment. We need to ensure the jobs of local families are safe and their home is here. We need to constantly seek job growth for the County not only for the tax base but to ensure our kids will have strong jobs and want to raise their families here. Commissioners need to reach out to bring business here letting them know the many advantages of Curry County.

…I believe we owe something to our vets. It takes a special person to go into the military and an even more special person to put their life in harm’s way for this nation. I believe ANYONE who made that decision should come home to certain automatic rights. For example, a health care card (encrypted to help with fraud) that allows them to go to ANY hospital at any time for service. We need to stop all these wait times and lines at VA hospitals. I also want to find a way to offer incentives to local employers to hire vets. 

…I believe good officials are willing. No one is too smart and no one has all the answers. We need to sit down with people and listen to each other's ideas. We need to see ourselves as equal, join together, and put our heads together to find answers. A very smart man once told me a good leader will listen to all ideas and then not pick his, but pick the one that answers the issue at hand.

… I believe in truth and honesty. I am not willing to take anything from anyone with the thought that I might be “able to help them out” in the future.  I speak my mind and I mean what I say. I am straightforward. I am not always the most cautious in my words. If I tell you I will do something, I will fight until the bitter end to get it done. 

… I believe in God the father and Jesus Christ. I don’t force my religion on anyone. I only ask that you respect mine as well. I believe everyone should have the right to believe in whatever they choose and have the place and privacy to worship however they choose.

…I believe in the Constitution of the United States…too much government is involved in our freedoms and our land. So many of the freedoms we enjoy seem to be being challenged almost daily. This country was founded on certain values. Though changes do need to be made as this nation grows, the foundation of the Constitution should never be challenged. The rights and liberties that were written by our founding fathers should always and forever be enjoyed without interruption.

…I believe we need to make the decisions of surrounding lands…I will be a voice to return control of much of Oregon back to the state. Many of the subsidies derived from the Federal government have been lost. We should manage more of our state land, not the Federal Government. After the Chetco Fire, I have met and spoken to many people closely affected. Steps need to be taken to protect this land from future disasters. I will move to complete a County Charter outlining much of the actions needed in the County with one being clear guidelines on how we will respond to fires in Curry County and when the next fire starts how we will PUT IT OUT.

… I believe tough, very tough times are ahead. If we choose to admit it or not, there are many problems that were once far off and are now daily occurrences in our lives. Security threats to our country and towns, crime and drugs are running rampant, good jobs are scarce and meeting monthly expenses is a challenge for most. Finding safe affordable housing is a commodity. Utilities are rising and wages have shrunk, and our schools remain on life support as increasing expenses and decreasing budgets stifle them. Seniors can no longer rely on savings interest or CD’s to supplement their income. We need to roll up our sleeves and sit down to find answers to the problems that we face and deal with them head on. We need to stand and fight for what we believe. I’m not saying I won’t make mistakes, actually, I can guarantee I will.

 I want the job because I feel I can make a difference and I will take on the commitment and hard work. I believe I am one of the commissioners if elected to help get this done. 

Join me in this endeavor and trust me with your vote.

Christopher Paasch