Christopher Paasch is a hard working, focused individual who will fight for Curry County and the needs of residents. His campaign is about giving back to his community and righting the wrongs of past leadership. He and his wife Bonnie retired 9 years ago and founded Dreams Hope and Faith Foundation (a Non-Profit foundation for kids) in Curry County to give back to the community they love. 

Chris is a fighter. He was raised on a farm and learned hard work is the norm. After going through the Marine Corps where he learned discipline, honor and courage, he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. He never quit the fight for life and after years of chemotherapy, radiation and several surgeries, he stands here to tell you he won't quit the fight for what is right in Curry County either.

Chris is not a politician and will not fill you with empty promises. He has a reputation of working hard, listening to others, and making strong, sound decisions for the good of everyone. Many in Curry County are in need of job security and home security. Many want their kids to have futures here and attain a prosperous life. Chris stands ready to fight for you.